What is Q Group?

Q is a premier digital media company renowned for producing the highest quality content for the most influential audiences. The first-of-its-kind multi-platform matches up people to access content from their own interests and combine them with useful sharing. Combining journal publishing with digital publishing, Q touches its users lives with Money, Quantum, Motors, Tech, Queen, Journey, Gourmet, Qulture, Nature and Déclenché.

How to Become a Member?

It's very easy to join Q. If you try to enter a club in Q, you will get the membership page. From this page you can be a member with a valid email address or social media accounts. In Q Clubs, where you can connect with a password that you can set yourself, you can find an area you want in useful shares, you can interact with other users who are passionately connected to that domain like you.

How can I use Q?

Q draws attention not only by combining content and interactivity, but also by its user-friendly design. One touch is enough to go to news category or to clubs.On the main page where you can access all the contents of Q in the shortest way, you can see the news by sliding the screen to the left, you can go straight to the touch, or you can reach the main page of the magazine by pulling up.
We have designed our magazine homepages for you to get to a news in the shortest possible time. Your first experience will be enough for you to sight the navigation and intuitive design. Both horizontal and vertical functions and areas of interests belong to you with one touch.

How can I use Q Clubs?

As a member of Q, you can take a different experience step. Q Clubs is a platform where users can share useful information. You can share in Q Clubs, follow other users and QMark your shares to find anytime you want. In Q Clubs where information-based exchanges are held, you can interact with users who are passionately connected to you in any topic.



You can send an email to for questions and suggestions about Q.