About Us




Q is a premier digital media company renowned for producing the highest quality content for the most influential audiences: The first-of-its-kind multi-platform brand and the passionate provider of inspirational content through world-class editorial.
Q provides worldwide engaging content ranging from luxury lifestyle to fashion, travel, gourmet, arts & culture, science, technology, nature and photography.
The group's portfolio includes ten different magazines: Money, Quantum, Mr.Q, Tech, Queen, Journey, Gourmet, Qulture, Nature and Déclenché...Q opens the gateways where users can share their likes and ideas in one community: Q Clubs.
Our founder Ahu Sarialioglu has been working in the online publishing industry since 1999 providing  services within the scope of digital publishing and media services. The company is headquartered in Istanbul and the Q Dubai is soon to be launched.